Jowar Idly Mix – 500gms


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Introducing Milnoa’s Jowar Idly Mix – where the ancient goodness of jowar meets modern convenience, creating a breakfast blend that’s not just delicious but also a celebration of health. Our Jowar Idly Mix is a testimony to the wholesome benefits of millets, thoughtfully crafted to bring a touch of tradition to your plate.

Elevate your breakfast experience with Milnoa’s Jowar Idly Mix – a delectable journey that bridges the past with the present, offering you a wholesome and flavorful start to your day. Because at Milnoa, we believe in nourishing your soul through every meal!


Key Features:

  1. Millet Magic: Immerse yourself in the rich flavor and nutritional benefits of jowar, a gluten-free millet that adds a unique twist to your traditional idlies.
  2. Simplicity Meets Taste: Milnoa’s Jowar Idly Mix is the epitome of hassle-free cooking. With just a few steps, savor the authentic taste of soft, fluffy idlies that are a delight to the palate.
  3. Health in Every Bite: Packed with essential nutrients, our idly mix promotes overall well-being. The inclusion of jowar ensures a wholesome dose of fiber, aiding digestion and providing sustained energy.
  4. Easy Preparation: Milnoa brings you a user-friendly mix that requires minimal effort. Just blend, ferment, and steam – your nutritious idlies are ready to grace your table.
  5. Inclusively Healthy: Ideal for those seeking gluten-free options, Milnoa’s Jowar Idly Mix is a perfect choice for a diverse range of dietary preferences.
  6. Family-Friendly Delight: Our mix is designed to appeal to all age groups, making breakfast a joyful and nutritious family affair.
  7. Sourced with Care: Milnoa is committed to sourcing the finest jowar and other ingredients, ensuring that every pack delivers freshness straight from the farm to your home.


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